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Interview avec Films of Colour

Films of Colour. A discovery which became straight after a crush. I have been following their course since almost one year and I reckon this band is growing little by little, step by step. The alternative-indie rock band has been formed in 2008 by Andy (the lead vocalist) and James H. (the lead guitarist) whilst they were at University. They were only a duo when James R.F (the drummer) and Jack (the bassist) joined them. Films of Colour covered among other things, David Bowie, the star of new-wave. An amazing band, indeed, which moreover is friendly: James R.F answered my questions.

I made the choice to write this post in english because… I don’t have any reasons anyway. Maybe because english is the language of music, of everything though. Even french musicians reveal themselves thanks to english lyrics, partly to have a better impact on the world. And after all, music remains universal, so whether if it is written in english or french. Neverthless, I have let a translation underneath for the french readers.

ZOOM on a band which will never stop to get taller.

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